Online Industrial Building Plan

List of R.C.H Centre with F.T.S

Name of SHP /HAU Ward No Name of FTS
Surya Sen Park 1 Swapna Sarkar
Nichu Para Radha Nagar 1 Soma Sen
Kalikapur Shair Para 1 Gouri Das
Kumarpur 2 Tripti Dey
Gopalpur 2 Sudipa Chatterjee
Dharmapally H.A.U 3 Purnima Biswas
Sreepally 3 Banani Das Sharma
Dharmapally 3 Banani Chakrabarty
Dhrubdanga 4 Hasi Chatterjee
Green Park 5 Dipa Pal
Lower Chelidanga 6 Agnes Biswas
Budha Sree Sangha Maidan 6 Agnes Biswas
Sukanta Pally Budha 7 Jayanti Roy
Alimuddin Lane Budha 8 Chaitali Roy
Budha Dhobia Talow 8 Lila Das
Ismile Korapara 9 Chandana Mitra
Masterpara 10 Mala Samui
Masjid Bari Lane Hottan Rd. 11 ReshmaTarannum
N.S.Road Durga Mandir 12 Gita Banerjee
Nutanhat N.S.Road 13 Rashida Begg
Deshopran Sangha 14 Firdosi Begg
Asansol Village Namo para- Durgamandir 15 Bula Roy
Gour Mandir Road 15 Manjusree Banerjee
APC Pally 16 Keya Dey
R.K. Mission Talpukuria 17 Bhabani Shaw
Maidakol More S.B.Gorai Rd. 17 Minu Singh
Uday Sangha 3 No. Mohisila Colony 18 Madhuri Guha
Khudiram Club 18 Hasi Chatterjee
Dildarnagar 19 Rina Chattaraj
Dildarnagar H.A.U 19 Ratna Datta
New Ghusik 20 Sandhya Dutta
Purba para Mohisila Colony 20 Ratna Som
Purba para Mohishila Colony 20 Sutapa Chanda
Dhaksinpara Mohisila Colony 20 Shika Mondal
Ghatwal para (Tagore Road) 21 Tapati Chakrabarty
Tagore Road 22 Tapati Chakraborty
Bankidanga 23 Arati Goswami
Mistrpara 23 Mukta Goswami
Beldanga HAU 24 Anita Sebait
Dhadka Water Tank 25 Chandra Goswami
Dhadka Water Tank HAU 25 Shelly Acherjee
Dhadka Rail per SHP 26 Sucheta Chakraborty
Tairi Mahalla 26 Sucheta Chakraborty
Rahamania (Near Rahamania School) 27 Ritu Sharma
Phool Bagan 27 Sayeeda Khatoon
Mazar gali 27 Ritu Sharma
Hazi Nagar 28 Amina Begam
Chapriya More 28 Sabnam Anjum
Babua Talaw 28 Nikhat Anjum
Chandmari Sri nagar 28 Anjum Perween
Qurasi Mohalla 29 Swapna Mukherjee
Lal Chalk Huddy Gudam 29 Bulbul Chakraborty
Nichu Kumarpur 30 Jaya Mukherjee
Rainadihi Near Rifile Club HAU 30 Shefali Bose
Kanyapur Village 31 Rupali Chatterjee
Kantagoria 31 Kumkum Mukherjee
Dhadka Village HAU 32 Mira Mondal
Kalla 32 Moni Bauri
Sher Talaw Gulzer Mahalla 32 Sulata Nandy
Kankhaya 33 Putul Roy
Bangal Para 33 Keya Mukherjee
Nischinta 33 Manashi Sarkar
Kalipahari 34 Gita Bauri
Ghusik Hattala 34 Rekha Rani Roy
Damra Camp Colliery 35 Jaya Datta
Damra Hattala 35 Debjani Chakrabarty
Mohisila Village 36 Kabita Sadhu
Mohisila Village HAU 36 Minati Mondal
Borodanga 37 Patu Kumbhakar
Shyamdihi 37 Swarnamayee Mukherjee
Borothole 37 Rita Mondal
Rahamatnagar 38 Jamila Banu
Alamnagar HAU 38 Sumita Goswami
Alamnagar HAU 38 Sumita Goswami
Uttarayan Club 39 Mita Mukherjee
Karimdangal 39 Ava Singh
Burnpur AMC H.A.U 40 Chaya Datta
Burnpur AMC 40 Bulbul Dubey
Burnpur Narsinghbandh Dubay Para 40 Sulekha Mondal
Kalyan Sangha Santi Nagar 41 Premlata Gupta
Nababikash 42 Bina Dasgupta
Nabaghanty H.A.U 43 Dolly Nag
Shyambandh 43 Rumki Mitra
Burnpur AMC 44 Dalia Bhabani
Hirapur Dhaksin Para 45 Uma Pramanik
Husain Nagar 46 Sona Kumari Prasad
Rangapara 46 Razia Khatoon
Dharmpur 46 Razia Khatoon
Sarada Pally 47 Aradhana Singh
Chhinomasta -Kalimandir H.A.U 47 Mahamaya Pal
8 No.Basti New Town 48 Kaberi Banerjee
Kuilapur H.A.U 49 Sarmistha Dey
Nakrasota 49 Rita Ghosal
Dihika 49 Kandra Bauri
Borodighar 50 Shova Ball
Bortoria 50 Pranati Pramanik
Barachak Boringdanga 50 Keya Chatterjee

Trainees under R.C.H (sub) Project.

Name of F.T.S Ward No
Swapna Sarker 1
Sudipa Chatterjee 2
Purnima Biswas 3
Hasi Chatterjee 4
Dipa Paul 5
Agnes Biswas 6
Soma Sen 1
Chaitali Roy 8
Pranati Paramanik 50
Lila Das 8
Sova Ball 50
Gita Banerjee 12
Rashida Begg 13
Firdoshi Begg 14
Minu Singh 17
Keya Dey 16
Madhuri Guhu 18
Bhabani Shaw 17
Sandhya Dutta 20
Tapati Chakrabroty 21
AnjumPerveen 28
Mukta Goswami 23
Moni Bauri 32
Shelly Acherjee 25
Suchita Chakrabroty 26
Amina Begam 28
Sabnum Anjum 28
Bulbul Chakrabroty 29
Jaya Mukherjee 30
Mira Mondal 32
Sulta Nandi 32
Putul Roy 33
Gita Bauri 34
Keya Mukherjee 33
Sutapa Chanda 20
Swarnomoyee Mukherjee 37
Jamila Banu 38
Ava Singh 39
Daliya Bhabani 44
Chhaya Dutta 40
Sulekha Mondal 40
Dolly Nag 43
Rumki Mitra 43
Rajiya Khatoon 46
Aradhana Singha 47
Kaberi Banerjee 48
Rita Ghosal 49
Keya Chatterjee 50
Gouri Das 1
Tripti Dey 2
Banani Das Sharma 3
Mala Samui 10
Reshma Tarannum 11
Bula Roy 15
Manjushree Banerjee 15
Ratna Dutta 19
Arati Goswami 23
Ritu Sharma 27
Sahida Khatoon 27
Swapna Mukherjee 29
Kumkum mukherjee 31
Rupali Chatterjee 31
Manasi Sarkar 33
Rekharani Roy 34
Jaya Dutta 35
Debjani Chakrabroty 35
Kabita Sadhu 36
Minati Mondal 36
Shikha Mondal 20
Patu Khumbhakar 37
Rita Mondal 37
Sumita Goswami 38
Bulbul Dubay 40
Uma Paramanik 45
Sarnistha Dey 49
Kandra Bauri 49
Premlata Gupta 41
Mita Mukherjee 39
Nikhat Anjum 28
Chandana Mitra 9
Rina Chattoraj 19

Asansol is one of the largest cities in the state of West Bengal outside Kolkata metropolitan area. It emerged as a Municipal Corporation in the year 1994 by way of a merger which brought together the Burnpur Notified area some rural parts of Asansol Block and some colliery areas with the erstwhile Asansol Municipality Obviously, the erstwhile Asansol Municipal town had grown into a vast service city from the industrial as well mining points of view Gradually, within the city areas, both wealth and poverty began to co-exist side by side. Poor population of the city was localized in the clusters of crude dwellings, mostly squatter colonies, dotes all over the city area.

In the middle of 1990’s  a rabid survey was conducted in some wards of Asansol Municipal area which pointed out, among other things, that the environmental health of the population of Asansol urban poor was not in a satisfactory state. The immunization status of mother and children, the morbidity and mortality profile and the health care delivery system were very poor because there were no effective preventive curative or maternal health facilities in the area.

Laying emphasis on this situation, Asansol was identified for the implementation of the Reproductive and Child Health Sub-Project. As a result the said Project was introduced and launched in August 1998, with World Bank Assistance, to address the Reproductive Health, Child and Family Welfare issues of the poor population living in 194 slums scattered around the municipal corporation area.

The main thrust of the Sub-Project was Mother and Child care through reduction of fertility morbidity and mortality. In fact holistic health care is envisaged by the promotion of accessible health facilities and the provision of satellite service centres. The core idea of the sub-project is to implement the life cycle approach i.e. care of the individual from womb to tomb. Keeping this idea in perspective the health care package starts as soon as the women becoming pregnant. Besides this, adolescent girls are also taken care of as they are the future mothers.

Community participation at different tiers is the essence of this Sub- Project and this indicates a paradigm shift from the “Top- Down” to the approach. This would lead to the community owning the project, ultimately. The community itself shares the responsibility to initiate and manage its own health related issues on a sustainable basis.

Another unique feature of this Sub-Project is providing health check-up facilities on a regular basis to the pupils of 181 primary schools located within the target area, and the involvement of the tribal population in the process of development.

Grass root level workers (Honorary Health Workers), all women, selected from the community itself are the primary health care providers in generating and emphasizing Reproductive of Child Health Family Welfare and Nutrition Awareness. The HHWs visit the schedules designed for the purpose and treat the cases at the doorstep of the clienteles and build-up inter-personal rapport. The network of health facilities starts from the Block ( 1 Block per 750 to 1000 target population ) to the Sub-Health Centre (1) Sub Health centre for 3750 to 5000 population) to the Health Administrative Unit coupled with referrals  to the Extended Specialized out Patient Department (ESOPD), the Maternity Home (MH) and the Diagnostic Centre. Sub-Health Centres are not new construction under the project Spaces have been contributed by the community club, voluntary organizations or schools Sub-Centres are the nerve certres for delivering services.

After few years of the implementation of different health components under the Sub-Project, the status of urban health has been changed significantly. And its “Compendium” will speak for itself.

Immunization Schedule




OPV (zero dose)

Hepatitis B Vaccine -1st dose

6 Weeks

DPT 1st dose

OPV 1st dose

Hepatitis B Vaccine -2nd  dose

Hib Vaccine -1st dose

10 Weeks

DPT -2nd  dose

OPV -2nd  dose

Hib Vaccine -2nd  dose

14 Weeks

DPT - 3rd dose

OPV - 3rd dose

Hepatitis B Vaccine - 3rd dose

Hib Vaccine - 3rd dose

9 Months

Measles Vaccine

15-18 months

MMR Vaccine

1st Booster dose of DPT

OPV- 4th dose

Hib Vaccine – 1st booster dose

2 Years

Typhoid Vaccine

5 Years

2nd booster dose of DPT

OPV- 5th dose

Typhoid Vaccine

10 Years

Tetanus toxoid

Typhoid Vaccine

16 Years

Tetanus toxoid

Typhoid Vaccine